The authentic certified Italian espresso

The quality of coffee blends produced and distributed by Torrefazione San Salvador is contained in a coffee cup. Only 25 milliliters of the precious hazel-brown liquid characterized by brown foam and a very fine texture to reveal a rich and intense scent with notes of chocolate, flowers, fruits and toasted bread.
Refined blends of Indonesian Robusta and Arabica Green Coffee Beans are carefully selected by our experts and imported from different countries in the world, especially from Central America. Among the latter Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Salvador, as well as from India and Africa. Once we have selected the top coffee varieties from the producing countries, coffee beans are blended and slowly roasted at constant temperature to create the authentic Italian espresso, sold and distributed bearing San Salvador mark.

Quality guarantee is the result of the continual and careful selection of primary sources. Torrefazione San Salvador began its activity in 1966 with Delio Biancotti and inherited by his sons who have been passionately working for almost half a century to deliver a superior product quality.
From blending before roasting and roasting itself to the final product packaging, all the processing phases are performed following INEI product certification and followed methodically: roasting is done on daily basis and the product is delivered to the client with no delays.

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