A skillful blending and roasting

The processing of professional blends for foodservice represents the core business of Torrefazione San Salvador, that in half century has been able to conjugate craftsmanship and innovation. As a further guarantee of the superior quality of the product SUPER BAR and EXTRA BAR blends have both been certified by INEI. The selection of roasted coffee beans for the foodservice is completed with 3 other products: miscela bar ROSSO (RED blend) , miscela bar BLU (BLU blend), miscela bar MARRONE (BROWN blend).

Coffee blends processed in our artisan coffee roasting company placed in Villa di Tirano, close to Sondrio, are the result of a process that requires outstanding care and passion: green beans in coffee lots imported directly from the place of origin are of the most refined varieties; the beans are carefully analyzed to make sure that not even a very small percentage is flawed and able to compromise the final result; they are blended before roasting and slowly roasted at constant temperature to create the authentic Italian espresso.

Accurate selection, skillful blending and roasting as well as the continuous supervision of every processing phase add to San Salvador coffee structure and aroma, signature of the authentic Italian espresso.

The secret is in the structure, taste and aroma of espresso:
Every blend has its own recipe and every recipe its own peculiarities.

SUPER BAR (3 Kg golden and green packaging)
A coffee blend composed by 7 different varieties of Arabica coffee. The high percentage of washed Arabica beans enhance the blend with intense flower and fruit scent, enriched by a spicy note. A very fine and compact creamy texture and a full-bodied structure complete the balance of this blend. SUPER BAR is INEI certified, winner of two golden medals at the International Coffee Tasting in 2010 and 2012.

EXTRA BAR (3 Kg silver and red packaging)
A superior quality coffee blend composed by the best varieties of green coffee beans. Its main characteristic consists in the great structure, intensity of scents, chocolate and nutty notes. EXTRA BAR is INEI certified, winner of a golden medal at the International Coffee Tasting in 2014.

RED BLEND (1 Kg silver and red packaging)
A blend of coffee characterized by a great roasted scent and sweet flavor. Almond and caramel stand out among its distinguish notes.

BLUE BLEND (1 Kg silver and blue packaging)
A high percentage of Brazilian coffee varieties result in a blend with great softness and sweetness, enriched of pleasant spicy notes given by Indian coffee beans. Blue blend stands for the equilibrium between bitterness and sourness.

MISCELA BAR MARRONE (1 kg brown and silver packaging)
A creamy and intense coffee blend, characterized by its roasted scent. The vivid hazel-brow foam creates tiger-striping patterns on the fine texture. A nutty scent stands out among its distinguish notes.

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