San Salvador Coffee is the certified Italian espresso

In collaboration with the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and Italian Tasters – Centro Studi Assaggiatori, the National Institute of Italian Espresso (INEI) was founded in 1988 in order to define the authentic high quality Espresso.

INEI safeguards and promotes the authentic espresso, one of the Italian-made products of great international credit.
Torrefazione San Salvador belongs to INEI and the blends of high quality coffee SUPER BAR and EXTRA BAR complied with the certification requirements to use the mark Certified Italiano Espresso (certificate of product conformity Csqa n. 214 – 24 September 1999, DTP 008 Ed.1)
INEI is made up by a few master roasters and machinery and doser grinder manufacturers, who comply with the requirements foreseen to use the mark Espresso Italiano. Basic rules shared unanimously are the use of:

• certified coffee blend
• certified equipment (machine and grinder dispenser)
• licensed personnel

San Salvador Coffee is the certified Italian espresso, which lives up to the consumer’s expectations. “The display of skills to create ultimate coffee blends with different coffee variety represent distinctive trait of Italian espresso as compared to other coffee processing traditions.
“In our torrefazione (artisan coffee roasting company) we blend 4 to 8 different coffee varieties, starting from Brazilian coffee, which is sweet and with chocolate notes. To this base we add other coffee varieties to change the spectrum of scents as required by our recipes”.
Pietro Biancotti, Owner.

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