Let's journey together

The consulting we offer our customers who manage cafés goes beyond a typical work relationship: it involves people, creates human bonds which last in time and are founded on trust, an asset that cannot be expressed in terms of money.

We're always with you: The blends

Our journey of quality taken with baristas begins when our technicians accurately select Robusta and Arabica coffee, whose raw beans are imported from various Central American countries, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador, as well as from India and Africa.

The lots of green coffee imported directly from the places of origin are the finest varieties. They are carefully examined because, even when a single, very small percentage of beans is defective, the final product can be jeopardized. Once it reaches our Torrefazione, the raw coffee is blended and then slowly roasted, until the perfect Italian espresso is created, sold and distributed under the San Salvador brand.

The secret of our espresso’s goodness is in the body, flavour and aroma: each café blend has its own recipe and each recipe its own distinctive qualities.

We're always with you: The machines

We support baristas in selecting the most suitable type of coffee for their needs. We listen to them, and always try to offer them the best solution. Similarly, we recommend the machines that can best enhance the blend they use, so as not to alter the intensity and quality of the coffee.

That is why we rely on the technology of FAEMA coffee machines, for which we are exclusive dealers in the province of Sondrio: undoubtedly one of the best known and long-lived brands, as well as being extremely reliable and offering high performance levels.

We are constantly in contact with baristas, to deal with their every need or problem, whether for blends or machines.
We guarantee meticulous customer service because we care about their satisfaction and that products function perfectly. Our technicians are trained to be updated and intervene with professionalism and speed, for scheduled maintenance as well as for repairs.

Personalised blends

The coffe for you

We gladly put our experience at the service of those customers who, having a wide presence in the area and a high distribution capacity, ask for customized blends. In such cases, we work together with the client to find the perfect blend, truly unique.

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