Our coffee

The journey of quality

The journey of quality begins when our technicians accurately select Robusta and Arabica coffee, whose raw beans are imported from various Central American countries, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador, as well as from India and Africa. Once it reaches Italy, the raw coffee is blended and then slowly roasted, until the perfect Italian espresso is created, sold and distributed under the San Salvador brand.

The cafè journey

We offer a carefully prepared selection for cafés and restaurants, created by skilful processing of raw materials.
The lots of green coffee imported directly from the places of origin are the finest varieties. They are carefully examined as even a tiny percentage of defective beans can compromise the final product. The beans are then blended raw and slowly roasted.
The secret of our espresso’s goodness is in the body, flavour and aroma: each café shop blend has its own recipe and each recipe its own distinctive qualities.

The coffee blends for cafés:

The home journey

San Salvador coffee is sold as beans, ground coffee or in capsules.
Each of these ways guarantees the excellence of our blends, to be enjoyed just like at a café.

The home coffee blends
The blends in beans or those already ground produce a creamy coffee with a smooth, rich taste, and are prepared with the attention and skill that the Torrefazione has been using for years in every process.

The home coffee capsules
The freshness and aromas of San Salvador blends also remain intact in capsules, which protect contents from altering. It produces a creamy coffee with a characteristic hazel colour and balanced flavour.

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