Decaffeinato single-use Fap capsules


Decaffeinated roasted and ground coffee

The delicate and balanced taste of this caffeine-free blend has subtle notes of toast and caramel. For a classic espresso for those who prefer decaffeinated.

100 individually wrapped capsules

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The excellent percentage of Arabica guarantees this caffeine-free blend the characteristics of a classic espresso, with a delicate and well-balanced taste where subtle notes of toast and caramel stand out. The cream, of good texture and good consistency, has delicate and inviting chocolate-colored shades.
Caffeine content not exceeding 0.10%. (Ministerial Decree 20/05/1976) “.


Blend selected, roasted and blended by Torrefazione S. Salvador S.r.l. Villa di Tirano (So)
Packaged in the Rimini plant by La Tazzina srl

700 g

How to recycle

Package > Plastic  Clean capsule > Plastic

Always check the collection method of your municipality.


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