Bio Blend

in beans certified by ICEA

Starting from our idea of espresso, we have created an innovative blend with a green flavour. It is refined, balanced, and abounding with fancy aromas such as chocolate, caramel, and honey, enriched with citrusy notes.

1000 g BAG

85% Arabica


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85% Arabica

An innovative blend arising from the sensitivity for a healthier and more environmentally friendly product, but always based on our idea of espresso: refined, balanced and rich in aromas. It offers a finely textured cream with a light hazel colour with reddish shades and attractive stripes. It shows good body accompanied by refined aromas of chocolate, caramel, and honey, enriched with citrus notes. Loved by experts and the most attentive and demanding consumers. Extra care in extraction is recommended on the part of the barista, to enhance its characteristics and bring out its complex nuances. It proves to be excellent for use in latte art.


Blend selected, roasted and blended by Torrefazione S. Salvador S.r.l. Villa di Tirano (So)

1000 g

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