Extra Bar Blend

in beans, qualified for IEI certified Italian espresso

The alternative to Super Bar, another outstanding blend of ours. The higher content of natural Arabica gives it excellent body and a velvety hazel-coloured cream. The aromas from the sweet notes prevail, such as almond, milk chocolate, dried fruit, malt, croissant, vanilla.

1000 g BAG

80% Arabica


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80% Arabica

Another gem in our collection, sweet, balanced, and harmonious. It represents our alternative vision of high quality Italian espresso. Two blends that differ in taste, yet similar in their preparation philosophy, allow industry professionals to decide how to prepare their coffees and cappuccinos. Excellent hazel-coloured cream with excellent body obtained by using higher content of natural Arabica. The aromas are dominated by a greater presence of sweet notes, almond, milk chocolate, dried fruit, malt, croissant, vanilla. The bitterness is barely perceived. A coffee that is sweet to taste and readily remembered. Interesting nuances can be obtained by making adjustments to the machine and quantity. Excellent for cappuccinos.


Blend selected, roasted and blended by Torrefazione S. Salvador S.r.l. Villa di Tirano (So)

1000 g

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